Political Power Rankings for Twitter, November 2016

This page is updated daily until November 30, 2016 when final rankings stand. Last updated November 29, 2016 09:48 NZDT.

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This report tracks user engagement with New Zealand members of parliament and political parties for the month of November, 2016


Tracking user engagement with twitter accounts is the most useful indicator of the power and reach of that account has – it’s even more useful than knowing how many followers the account has. To do this we fetch as much information about MPs and parties tweets as we can, then our server crunches the numbers. The methodology for this is simple: we count an engagement as occurring when a tweet is liked, retweeted, replied to, or the account holder is @mentioned. We can track the exact moment @mentions, replies or retweets occur – but anyone with a twitter account can continue to like old tweets. Because of this, we generate the final report at midnight on the last day of the month so that new likes past this date are not included in the total.

Party Engagement

Total engagement of the each party – the party account and the accounts of all MPs belonging to it. The average column is the average interactions per account for that party.

# Name Average Total

1 NZNationalParty's Twitter LogoNational
Political Party
668 interactions 33,392 interactions
2 NZGreens's Twitter LogoGreen
Political Party
1735 interactions 24,294 interactions
3 nzlabour's Twitter LogoLabour
Political Party
765 interactions 22,956 interactions
4 actparty's Twitter LogoACT
Political Party
1074 interactions 2,148 interactions
5 Maori_Party's Twitter LogoMāori
Political Party
656 interactions 1,967 interactions
6 UnitedNZ's Twitter LogoUnited Future
Political Party
922 interactions 1,844 interactions
7 nz_first's Twitter LogoNZ First
Political Party
147 interactions 1,474 interactions
8 familyfirstnz's Twitter LogoFamily First NZ
Political Party
152 interactions 152 interactions
9 CannabisParty's Twitter LogoCannabis
Political Party
23 interactions 23 interactions
10 InternetPartyNZ's Twitter LogoInternet
Political Party
14 interactions 14 interactions
11 ManaParty's Twitter LogoMana
Political Party
4 interactions 4 interactions

Individual Engagement

# Name Average. Total

1 johnkeypm's Twitter LogoJohn Key
National, Helensville
@johnkeypm 14,767 interactions
2 NZGreens's Twitter LogoGreen
Political Party
@NZGreens 6,197 interactions
3 jamespeshaw's Twitter LogoJames Shaw
Green, List
@jamespeshaw 4,707 interactions
4 grantrobertson1's Twitter LogoGrant Robertson
Labour, Wellington Central
@grantrobertson1 4,131 interactions
5 nzlabour's Twitter LogoLabour
Political Party
@nzlabour 4,010 interactions
6 AndrewLittleMP's Twitter LogoAndrew Little
Labour, List
@AndrewLittleMP 2,563 interactions
7 JulieAnneGenter's Twitter LogoJulie Anne Genter
Green, List
@JulieAnneGenter 2,409 interactions
8 maggiebarrynz's Twitter LogoMaggie Barry
National, North Shore
@maggiebarrynz 2,298 interactions
9 GarethMP's Twitter LogoGareth Hughes
Green, List
@GarethMP 2,288 interactions
10 greencatherine's Twitter LogoCatherine Delahunty
Green, List
@greencatherine 2,287 interactions
11 jacindaardern's Twitter LogoJacinda Ardern
Labour, List
@jacindaardern 2,201 interactions
12 metiria's Twitter LogoMetiria Turei
Green, List
@metiria 2,159 interactions
13 MaramaDavidson's Twitter LogoMarama Davidson
Green, List
@MaramaDavidson 2,070 interactions
14 NZNationalParty's Twitter LogoNational
Political Party
@NZNationalParty 2,061 interactions
15 cjsbishop's Twitter LogoChris Bishop
National, List
@cjsbishop 1,814 interactions
16 PeterDunneMP's Twitter LogoPeter Dunne
United Future, Ōhāriu
@PeterDunneMP 1,784 interactions
17 IainLG's Twitter LogoIain Lees-Galloway
Labour, Palmerston North
@IainLG 1,775 interactions
18 FoxMarama's Twitter LogoMarama Fox
Māori, List MP
@FoxMarama 1,735 interactions
19 stevenljoyce's Twitter LogoSteven Joyce
National, List
@stevenljoyce 1,526 interactions
20 clarecurranmp's Twitter LogoClare Curran
Labour, Dunedin South
@clarecurranmp 1,386 interactions
21 JudithCollinsMP's Twitter LogoJudith Collins
National, Papakura
@JudithCollinsMP 1,270 interactions
22 actparty's Twitter LogoACT
Political Party
@actparty 1,081 interactions
23 dbseymour's Twitter LogoDavid Seymour
ACT, Epsom
@dbseymour 1,067 interactions
24 winstonpeters's Twitter LogoWinston Peters
NZ First, Northland
@winstonpeters 1,001 interactions
25 toddmcclaymp's Twitter LogoTodd McClay
National, Rotorua
@toddmcclaymp 998 interactions
26 paulabennettmp's Twitter LogoPaula Bennet
National, Upper Harbour
@paulabennettmp 977 interactions
27 janlogie's Twitter LogoJan Logie
Green, List
@janlogie 880 interactions
28 DavidCunliffeMP's Twitter LogoDavid Cunliffe
Labour, New Lynn
@DavidCunliffeMP 827 interactions
29 TrevorMallard's Twitter LogoTrevor Mallard
Labour, Hutt South
@TrevorMallard 826 interactions
30 PhilTwyford's Twitter LogoPhil Twyford
Labour, Te Atatū
@PhilTwyford 702 interactions
31 PeeniHenare's Twitter LogoPeeni Henare
Labour, Tāmaki Makaurau
@PeeniHenare 672 interactions
32 stuartsmithmp's Twitter LogoStuart Smith
National, Kaikōura
@stuartsmithmp 662 interactions
33 chrishipkins's Twitter LogoChris Hipkins
Labour, Rimutaka
@chrishipkins 543 interactions
34 ruthdysonmp's Twitter LogoRuth Dyson
Labour, Port Hills
@ruthdysonmp 526 interactions
35 jcolemanmp's Twitter LogoJonathon Coleman
National, Northcote
@jcolemanmp 489 interactions
36 amyadamsMP's Twitter LogoAmy Adams
National, Selwyn
@amyadamsMP 478 interactions
37 LouiseUpston's Twitter LogoLouise Upston
National, Taupō
@LouiseUpston 453 interactions
38 honbillenglish's Twitter LogoBill English
National, List
@honbillenglish 421 interactions
39 annetterongotai's Twitter LogoAnnette King
Labour, Rongotai
@annetterongotai 420 interactions
40 DeniseRocheMP's Twitter LogoDenise Roche
Green, List
@DeniseRocheMP 408 interactions
41 NathanGuyOtaki's Twitter LogoNathan Guy
National, Ōtaki
@NathanGuyOtaki 392 interactions
42 mojomathers's Twitter LogoMojo Mathers
Green, List
@mojomathers 377 interactions
43 simonjbridges's Twitter LogoSimon Bridges
National, Tauranga
@simonjbridges 367 interactions
44 MaungakiekieSAM's Twitter LogoPeseta Sam Lotu-Iiga
National, Maungakiekie
@MaungakiekieSAM 347 interactions
45 hekiaparata's Twitter LogoHekia Parata
National, List
@hekiaparata 340 interactions
46 bhudson_nz's Twitter LogoBrett Hudson
National, List
@bhudson_nz 337 interactions
47 SimonOConnorMP's Twitter LogoSimon O’Conner
National, Tāmaki
@SimonOConnorMP 313 interactions
48 PotoChchEast's Twitter LogoPoto Williams
Labour, Christchurch East
@PotoChchEast 313 interactions
49 EugenieSage's Twitter LogoEugenie Sage
Green, List
@EugenieSage 311 interactions
50 ToddBarclayMP's Twitter LogoTodd Barclay
National, Clutha-Southland
@ToddBarclayMP 304 interactions
51 TraceyMartinMP's Twitter LogoTracey Martin
NZ First, List
@TraceyMartinMP 298 interactions
52 Megan_Woods's Twitter LogoMegan Woods
Labour, Wigram
@Megan_Woods 270 interactions
53 nickywagner's Twitter LogoNicky Wagner
National, Christchurch Central
@nickywagner 266 interactions
54 AnneTolleyMP's Twitter LogoAnne Tolley
National, East Coast
@AnneTolleyMP 266 interactions
55 NgatiBird's Twitter LogoKelvin Davis
Labour, Te Tai Tokerau
@NgatiBird 260 interactions
56 DamienOConnorMP's Twitter LogoDamien O’Connor
Labour, West Coast-Tasman
@DamienOConnorMP 253 interactions
57 JoGoodhewMP's Twitter LogoJo Goodhew

National, Rangitata
@JoGoodhewMP 234 interactions
58 ScottSimpsonMP's Twitter LogoScott Simpson
National, Coromandel
@ScottSimpsonMP 221 interactions
59 chrisfinlayson's Twitter LogoChristopher Finlayson
National, List
@chrisfinlayson 219 interactions
60 CraigFossMP's Twitter LogoCraig Foss
National, Tukituki
@CraigFossMP 214 interactions
61 MarkMitchellMP's Twitter LogoMark Mitchell
National, Rodney
@MarkMitchellMP 198 interactions
62 DavidShearerMP's Twitter LogoDavid Shearer
Labour, Mt Albert
@DavidShearerMP 169 interactions
63 JennySalesa's Twitter LogoJenny Salesa
Labour, Manukau East
@JennySalesa 163 interactions
64 familyfirstnz's Twitter LogoFamily First NZ
Political Party
@familyfirstnz 152 interactions
65 RinoTirikatene's Twitter LogoRino Tirikatene
Labour, Te Tai Tonga
@RinoTirikatene 148 interactions
66 BarbaraKuriger's Twitter LogoBarbara Kuriger
National, Taranaki-King Country
@BarbaraKuriger 134 interactions
67 suemoroney's Twitter LogoSue Moroney
Labour, List
@suemoroney 130 interactions
68 Maori_Party's Twitter LogoMāori
Political Party
@Maori_Party 124 interactions
69 DavidClarkNZ's Twitter LogoDavid Clark
Labour, Dunedin North
@DavidClarkNZ 120 interactions
70 jamileeross's Twitter LogoJami-Lee Ross
National, Botany
@jamileeross 114 interactions
71 SWSio_MP's Twitter LogoSu’a William Sio
Labour, Māngere
@SWSio_MP 112 interactions
72 PARFosterBell's Twitter LogoPaul Foster-Bell

National, List
@PARFosterBell 111 interactions
73 NanaiaMahuta's Twitter LogoNanaia Mahuta
Labour, Hauraki-Waikato
@NanaiaMahuta 111 interactions
74 Richard_Prosser's Twitter LogoRichard Prosser
NZ First, List
@Richard_Prosser 108 interactions
75 TeUruroaFlavell's Twitter LogoTe Ururoa Flavell
Māori, Waiariki
@TeUruroaFlavell 108 interactions
76 KennedyGraham's Twitter LogoKennedy Graham
Green, List
@KennedyGraham 103 interactions
77 timmacindoe's Twitter LogoTim Macindoe

National, Hamilton West
@timmacindoe 101 interactions
78 adrianrurawhe's Twitter LogoAdrian Rurawhe
Labour, Te Tai Hauāuru
@adrianrurawhe 101 interactions
79 jono_naylor's Twitter LogoJono Naylor
National, List
@jono_naylor 101 interactions
80 DavidParkerMP's Twitter LogoDavid Parker
Labour, List
@DavidParkerMP 98 interactions
81 nikkikaye's Twitter LogoNikki Kaye
National, Auckland Central
@nikkikaye 95 interactions
82 DavidClendon's Twitter LogoDavid Clendon
Green, List
@DavidClendon 91 interactions
83 toddmullerBoP's Twitter LogoTodd Muller
National, Bay of Plenty
@toddmullerBoP 79 interactions
84 melissaleemp's Twitter LogoMelissa Lee
National, List
@melissaleemp 73 interactions
85 MaureenPughMP's Twitter LogoMaureen Pugh
National, List
@MaureenPughMP 73 interactions
86 WoodhouseMP's Twitter LogoMichael Woodhouse
National, List
@WoodhouseMP 67 interactions
87 bakshiks's Twitter LogoKanwaljit Singh Bakshi
National, List
@bakshiks 63 interactions
88 UnitedNZ's Twitter LogoUnited Future
Political Party
@UnitedNZ 60 interactions
89 CarmelSepuloni's Twitter LogoCarmel Sepuloni
Labour, Kelston
@CarmelSepuloni 44 interactions
90 KrisinMana's Twitter LogoKris Faafoi
Labour, Mana
@KrisinMana 42 interactions
91 williamson_nz's Twitter LogoMaurice Williamson
National, Pakuranga
@williamson_nz 34 interactions
92 TickClayton's Twitter LogoClayton Cosgrove
Labour, List
@TickClayton 33 interactions
93 nz_first's Twitter LogoNZ First
Political Party
@nz_first 29 interactions
94 CannabisParty's Twitter LogoCannabis Party
Political Party
@CannabisParty 23 interactions
95 JonathanYoungMP's Twitter LogoJonathon Young
National, New Plymouth
@JonathanYoungMP 21 interactions
96 DavidBennettMP's Twitter LogoDavid Bennett
National, Hamilton East
@DavidBennettMP 21 interactions
97 DrShaneRetiMP's Twitter LogoShane Reti
National, Whangarei
@DrShaneRetiMP 19 interactions
98 InternetPartyNZ's Twitter LogoInternet
Political Party
@InternetPartyNZ 14 interactions
99 nzsarahdowie's Twitter LogoSarah Dowie
National, Invercargill
@nzsarahdowie 12 interactions
100 PaulGoldsmithMP's Twitter LogoPaul Goldsmith
National, List
@PaulGoldsmithMP 11 interactions
101 MaheshBindra's Twitter LogoMahesh Bindra
NZ First, List
@MaheshBindra 11 interactions
102 DarrochBall's Twitter LogoDarroch Ball
NZ First, List
@DarrochBall 10 interactions
103 AScottWairarapa's Twitter LogoAlastair Scott
National, Wairarapa
@AScottWairarapa 10 interactions
104 ChesterBorrows's Twitter LogoChester Borrows
National, Whanganui
@ChesterBorrows 9 interactions
105 BStewartMP's Twitter LogoBarbara Stewart
NZ First, List
@BStewartMP 8 interactions
106 mekawhaitiri's Twitter LogoMeka Whaitiri
Labour, Ikaroa-Rāwhiti
@mekawhaitiri 7 interactions
107 SteffanBrowning's Twitter LogoSteffan Browning
Green, List
@SteffanBrowning 7 interactions
108 AlfredNgaroMP's Twitter LogoAlfred Ngaro
National, List
@AlfredNgaroMP 7 interactions
109 TabuteauNZFirst's Twitter LogoFletcher Tabuteau
NZ First, List
@TabuteauNZFirst 5 interactions
110 riabondMP's Twitter LogoRia Bond
NZ First, List
@riabondMP 4 interactions
111 ManaParty's Twitter LogoMana
Political Party
@ManaParty 4 interactions
112 DavidCarterMP's Twitter LogoDavid Carter
National, List
@DavidCarterMP 3 interactions
113 ianmckelviemp's Twitter LogoIan McKelvie
National, Rangitikei
@ianmckelviemp 2 interactions
114 jo_hayes1's Twitter LogoJoanne Hayes

National, List
@jo_hayes1 0 interactions
115 PitaParaone's Twitter LogoPitaParaone
NZ First, List
@PitaParaone 0 interactions

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